Freedom to fly

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Freedom to fly

Postby May Player » Thu Sep 20, 2012 8:21 am

There will be no starlines as per the devs. Finally!
Encounters in free space.
Can travel anywhere and stop when detecting something of interest? Totally cool.
Will it all be like this??;
Scanners can detect ships etc just as objects, in time, scanners will be able to distinguish which race it is, in time, some races will develop warp drive signature masking tech (if they use warp drives), then better scanners will be needed to overcome that, investing in scanning tech research will be really important.
Alternative-Psi power races can detect without extra tech, or can mask warp signature without extra tech. Then direct encounter is needed to find out what is the approaching object..
Cloaking will be possible to some races. Only adv. scanners could detect them, adv. clock can be developed.

I think these techs should be randomly available, just to make things interesting. It just cannot be predetermined which races could research what. It has to be random or have something like Research Feasibility Study to determine IF that tech could be developed.
StarCraft made it so perfect, each race was fully developed, with own techs etc. :geek:

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Re: Freedom to fly

Postby siamon » Mon Jul 01, 2013 7:09 am

Whether you test the ship out against other known designs I'm neutral on but I do want to have a ship designer with a good UI that displays the ships capabilities well. The first Pax Imperia had an amazing ship designer in that it had overlays that showed a ships weaposn power, chance of taking damage, and radar range strength as you got further away from the ship. This really helps visualize the short/long range trade-off. If you had weapons with firing arcs or shielding/targeting that was directional something like this could really work out well.

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Re: Freedom to fly

Postby Teleros » Mon Jul 01, 2013 11:45 am

I think the MoO2 ship designer worked pretty well actually, although it wasn't particularly pretty. In MORE though I'm thinking that we'll get something more like the GalCiv2 ship designer, due to the highly customisable 3D models of the ships.
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