Wormhole names

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Re: Wormhole names

Postby Fletchette » Sat Dec 26, 2015 6:51 am

Mork from Ork wrote:Maybe the wormhole name could be derived from the closest star name plus the sector number. Then the player who discovers the wormhole has the opportunity to give it a custom name of their choice. The computer generated name would be the wormholes astrological name. The customized naming would be a way to reward exploration and allow the player/race to put their stamp on the galaxy.

Allowing the player/race that discovers the wormhole the right to name it would tap into the creativity and infinite variability of the community.

It's also probably the most realistic idea when you get right down to it.

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Re: Wormhole names

Postby Calavero » Sun Dec 27, 2015 3:20 pm

Interesting ideas :)

Wormhole names has to be highly different than standard system names, so "WH-name" (for example female names, or ancient names ) is the most interesting idea for me.
  • WH-Agatha
  • WH-Beatrix
  • WH-Constance

  • WH-Agape
  • WH-Berenike
  • WH-Chara

Also "ERB" prefix is interesing but probably not so obvious for most players, or probably "WH" will be a little better. "System-system WH" name is very interesting too... but it might be too long. Also wormholes are a little far away from systems.. and what shall we do, when system name will be changed? Names like "planaria" or "Scylla" are not so obvious so they might not be recognized at once as wormholes.

Yes, owners of wormholes will be able to change it's name from "standard name" to his own (but I think that WH- prefix should be always there), and also put tax on fleets which want to travel through it. Also it's good idea to make different background image for wormhole names.

Thank you for your all ideas. You proven once more that you are great community and you have great ideas! Thank you once more!
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Re: Wormhole names

Postby Arrow » Tue Dec 29, 2015 7:21 pm

Fixed pre-/post-fix is a must for me... can by WH, can be something else.

For example: (for the example lets stick to greek goddess names)

Diana-WH, Hera-WH. Aphrodite-WH
Heraway, Dianaway, Aphroditeway
or something totally abstract: DianaMX, HeraMX, AphroditeMX

I do not know if there are planned any numbers in names, but you can just take a random goddess name from the list and add sector designations on the end (name||startsector||endsector). So it would be like Diana7689, DianaA6B3 (i have no idea what type of notaton - if any - has been chosen for the sectors).

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Re: Wormhole names

Postby Calavero » Tue Dec 29, 2015 7:26 pm

Thank you for your opinion.

Sectors in game have standard XYZ numeric cooridinates.. so we have sector 2,2,4 // 8,2,5 etc..
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