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Re: Buildings

Postby May Player » Tue Dec 11, 2012 12:39 am

It's a nice selection of buildings. :)

I just thought about something like this; allow manual selection of whatever buildings the player wants *Or* allow to set a 'Planetary Focus' and all the buildings in that category will be built automatically.
For example - if having a nice, green, fertile planet, be able to set the 'Planetary Focus' to 'Agriculture' and all the buildings related to that are constructed automatically. No micromanagement at all.

If for any reason want to build any other building - just select it manually and after constructing it the colony continues what it was doing before.

I see another great use for this; want to fortify borders of the empire? Send colonizers with preset order: build military fortifications. No micromanagement - just let the auto-colonizer build a heavily fortified colony acting as a refueling station for fleets.

Another use - build auto-colonizers (with other preset orders) which automatically settle on a suitable planet and start fulfilling their purpose. Once established they will contact home and establish a trade lines etc. the difference between auto-colonizers and dedicated outpost ships is that auto-colonized planet will eventually grow into densely populated colony and outpost will not.

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Re: Buildings

Postby VoodooDog » Tue Dec 25, 2012 8:34 am

planetary self desctruction
- if necessary u can destroy the planet

stealth shield
- let the planet disappear

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Re: Buildings

Postby Teleros » Mon Mar 11, 2013 5:47 pm


Psychic Shield
- A powerful telepathic shield surrounds the planet, preventing hostile telepaths from taking over a colony without a fight.
- Prevents the population being mind-controlled as an alternative to invasion. Can be destroyed via bombing to allow mind control?
- No

Planetary Inertialess Drive
- Tired of having hostile foreigners try to take your world? Then just move it someplace safer!
- Lets you move the planet like a starship to another orbit / star system.
- No

Colonial Defence Grid
- A vast network of defences designed to shoot down enemy bombs and warheads before they can harm a colony.
- Reduces effectiveness of bombs during sieges, and tries to shoot down some invading land forces.
- No

Planetary Heat Sinks
- By expanding our colony's defensive heat sinks, we can not only take more punishment from enemy fleets, but also dish more out to them.
- Reduces effectiveness of regular ship firepower on a planet / during a siege. Buffs planet-based beam damage etc by X%.
- No

- A suitable defence against early game attacks and raiders.
- Replaces Orbital Fortress. Basic orbital defensive structure (ie grants command points, must be destroyed before a siege can begin, etc). Weapons loadout etc can be designed like a ship by the player?
- No

- A good defensive structure, eg against mid-sized warships.
- Replaces Starbase. Weapons loadout etc can be designed like a ship by the player?
- No

Orbital Fortress
- A large & powerful orbital base, capable of fending off even the largest starships.
- Replaces Battlestation. 2nd best orbital defensive structure possible. Weapons loadout etc can be designed like a ship by the player?
- No

Star Fortress
- Did you bring the Death Star? No? Forget about invading this colony then...
- Replaces Orbital Fortress. Best orbital defensive structure possible. Weapons loadout etc can be designed like a ship by the player?
- No


Fusion Reactor
- Provides huge amounts of cheap power for industrial purposes through deuterium fusion.
- Multiplies production output by 1.1.
- No

Anti-Matter Reactor
- Provides oodles of power through hydrogen-antihydrogen annihilation.
- Multiplies production output by 1.2. Replaces the Fusion Reactor.
- No

Conversion Reactor
- Converts any kind of matter into useable energy through the famous equation E=MC2.
- Multiplies production output by 1.3. Replaces Anti-Matter Reactor.
- No

Hyperspace Tap
- Taps hyperspace itself for unlimited cheap energy.
- Multiplies production output by 1.5. Replaces Conversion Reactor.
- No

Waste Transmuter
- Breaks down any and all waste into its raw elements, then builds useful materials and even other elements from the produce.
- Converts all pollution output into production output, and makes every unit if population output a small amount of production.
- Yes


Particle Accelerator
- Smashes elementary particles together at high speed
- Generates research points
- No

Orbital Telescope Array
- Stare at distant objects, and then figure out how they work
- Generates research points. Could also provide a defensive / advanced warning buff too.
- No

Planetary Internet
- Lets your scientists communicate better, and also lets them use unused computer power all over the planet for research purposes.
- Every unit of population outputs a small amount of research.
- Yes

National Internet Node
- Planetary internets are good; interstellar FTL ones are better. Organise research across the length and breadth of the galaxy.
- Every unit of population outputs a small amount of research, but this in turn scales up very slightly with your total population on colonies with National Internet Nodes. Replaces Planetary Internet.
- Yes

Research Archives
- So much scientific knowledge has been forgotten and repeated, but a properly organised archive ensures that your scientists don't waste time rediscovering existing knowledge.
- Makes your individual Scientists more productive
- Yes


POW Camp
- Lets you put captured enemy soldiers & spacers to work, providing a production boost but nerfing happiness.
- Small +production -happiness result. Winning battles increases the effect of both of these as more POWs arrive. No war on = no +production OR -happiness, just a tiny upkeep.
- No

Financial District
- Think Wall Street or the City of London: a major hub of planetary or system-wide commerce.
- Ultimate money-making "structure".
- Yes

Upload Centre
- Tired of living your life in that body? Just come along to your nearest upload centre and live a virtual life of your choosing!
- Allows for big populations that have no upkeep, but which can't contribute to food or production, erm, production. May be able to contribute to research, but main output is taxes.
- No
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Re: Buildings

Postby Calavero » Tue Mar 12, 2013 2:20 pm

Thank You Guys for your propositions.
We've ready our buildings and tech trees.
We've used some of your ideas :)
M.O.R.E. under construction

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