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Corporation HQ

Posted: Fri Apr 03, 2015 6:51 pm
by kandiser
Postby May Player ยป Thu Oct 18, 2012 8:07 pm

Have anyone mentioned creating Corporations?

Something like:
Corporation HQ - Mining
Corporation HQ - Banking
Corporation HQ - Trade
Corporation HQ - Agriculture
Corporation HQ - Weapons
Corporation HQ - Science
Corporation HQ - Intelligence
Corporation HQ - Alien Ambasses Complex

Only 1 of each can be built in Empire.
Only 1 Corporation HQ per planet.
It is a one-time EXPENSE, provides no income for that planet. (ie. 10000 GC)

Allows to build Corp Site Office on any colony planet.
That office can provide large benefits.
Corp Site Office - Mining (+200 GC, +50% production)
Corp Site Office - Banking (+200 GC, +50% Tax income)
Corp Site Office - Trade (+200 GC, +50% Trade income)
Corp Site Office - Agriculture (+200 GC, +50% Food production )
Corp Site Office - Weapons (-200 GC, +200 research points - military applications)
Corp Site Office - Science (-200 GC, +200 research points - civilian applications)
Corp Site Office - Itelligence (-100 GC, +100 to Spy points)
Corp Site Office - Alien Consulates (-100 GC, +100 Negotiations points with Aliens)

To get extra credit from Corp Site Office - Weapons and Corp Site Office - Science, these two can produce +200 GC (instead of -200 GC) when Corp Site Office - Trade is also built on that planet (it allows to sell some of the military and civilian designs and generate income)

Corp Site Office on Alien Worlds: Banking & Trade - maybe large initial cost, but 5x the regular benefits

Note: the above numbers can be anything so they balance the game nicely.
May Player

I would like if the player is forced to decide himself for 1 of this HQs, so that he can only build offices of that HQ, so the player has to spezialize himself to one of these categories.

Re: Corporation HQ

Posted: Wed Apr 08, 2015 11:03 am
by Calavero
It may be interesting for our Economy DLC. Right now we won't be creating corporations.

Re: Corporation HQ

Posted: Wed Apr 08, 2015 6:01 pm
by kandiser

Re: Corporation HQ

Posted: Sun May 10, 2015 3:32 pm
by Andzo
Corporations should be limited to some types of governments and they should have disadvantages like lobbies which tries to interfere with your government and decrease happiness on the planets.