Resources, Production and Upkeep

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Re: Resources, Production and Upkeep

Postby Teleros » Mon Mar 04, 2013 4:31 pm

Bumping this topic as I have a couple of thoughts...

Calavero wrote:GCU (Galactic Currency Unit), Food, Mining(minerals), Production, Research Points, Freighters, Command Points ...

Any plans for MOO2-style gold/gem deposits (or artefacts etc)? They were pretty simple but provided a nice bonus. You could do one or two per production type perhaps: gold/gems for GCUs, native crops for food, rare earth metals (for example) for mining or production, and artefacts for research.

Second, how efficient will farming be? To give you the example of my own country, farming in the UK uses ~70% of the land area, produces 60% of all food the UK requires, and yet uses under 2% of the workforce (about half a million people). Globally, there's a big food surplus, and the only reason we have so many people in agriculture is because so many places are dirt poor.

Based on that, I wonder perhaps if a different worker model should be considered. For example, a large part of most modern economies is given over to the service sector (everything from haircuts to game design to finance basically). So, we could do something like this:
  • Manufacturing Workers: build colony structures, starships, etc. 1 such worker can usually provide food for an entire colony without interfering in his industrial output, plus a little excess manufacturing. Excess manufacturing is converted into money (but worse than service workers).
  • Service Workers: most efficient money-makers, perfect if you like trading or a big budget surplus.
  • Research Workers: Traditional MOO2 scientists, worst at providing tax income after manufacturing and services.
A fourth option could even be "Militia": ultra-militarised states (Brutas, anyone?) could pop workers in here to provide a substantial boost to ground combat, at the expense of their economy.

The downside to this approach is that it makes colonies harder to starve, and makes population growth less of a problem.

AstralWanderer wrote:Agreed - spending extra money should (up to a point) allow you to build things faster but it should never allow you to build instantaneously

Agreed. Although... MOO2 *did* have ship upkeep, you just had to exceed your Command Points :) . I don't see why a similar system shouldn't work as well for MORE though.

Food for thought though: production cost curves for military equipment. Put simply, the more of X you build, the faster & cheaper each new one is.
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